How To Add Value Into Your Business

24 Jan 2024

2 minute read


Remember value is both verbal and visual

True value is only acquired when your visual. and verbal values align!

The question I get asked more than "What pencil is that?" is "How do I get higher paying clients???"

It's a great question and the key to growing your business... but clients don't just start paying you more for no reason! They don't care how long you have been in the game, or how many logos you share on instagram, all they care about is whether their investment is safe with you!

Trust is the key to bigger budgets!

The wonderful thing about trust is that it's almost impossible to fake! This is why all those crappy accounts stealing your logos to make a quick $50 will never really win! They may con a few people but as their work is SOOOOO atrocious they will never get to place of real value or worth!

Let me be honest with you - you will never get high paying clients by just sharing a logo, it doesn't hold any weight and lacks context, especially if it is for a made up client!

Trust is gained when your work and your words align!

This is why it's so important to explain how you think, share your thought process when it comes to execution, detail the reasons why you chose certain colours and type choices, directly associate wins and growth metrics that your work achieved; the more detail you go into, the more likely it is that a client will start to trust you!! AND SEE YOU AND YOUR WORK AS VALUABLE.

This is why I truly believe your own website is essential, if you can't invest in your business why should a client?

Look, I am not going to lie to you, the quality of your work is important and so is the amount of experience you have! But, if you don't share this with people then how are they to know!?

Things you can do;

  • Share your process

  • Share the way you think

  • Share your failed ideas (and tell people why they failed)

  • Build detailed case studies on your website

  • Build out extra assets that align with your logo creations

  • Team up with an animator to bring them to life

  • Present your ideas in a unique way

  • Show the results of your work

When you start to discuss and share your work with this kind of detail on-looking clients will understand the value you can bring... this will place you into a different sphere and set you apart from the crowd.

I’d love to suggest some things for you to level up.
Take a look at the Lets Fookin Focus course.

Getting focused on your own business will be a game changer for what you can offer to your clients. And did I mention it’s completely free?

The SIX lessons in this course will help you plan all your future creative endeavours with precision, we can’t help other people if we don’t help ourselves first! together we will cover;

  • How to win in your market

  • Your promise to your clients

  • How to prove your value

  • Building your brand identity

  • Marketing strategy through content creation

  • Defining a profitable process

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